Winning an Emergency Services Levy Campaign for a Local District

Public Affairs Case Study - Oregon City, Oregon



A local fire district sought to pass its first-ever local option levy to improve staffing and emergency response

Background: The district faced numerous challenges, including limited resources, unstaffed rural fire stations critical to wildfire response, and a growing population that put a strain on existing services. Recognizing the urgent need for improved fire and emergency services, the fire district approached Coastline to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy to design a levy measure that would fit the community.


Research, Polling, and Analysis: Coastline worked with a local polling firm to conduct an in-depth analysis of the community's concerns, and priorities. Survey results informed our course of action, including stakeholder engagement recommendations, levy language, and messaging. It also identified the specific needs and challenges of the fire district, providing valuable insights for campaign development.

Message Development: Based on the polling, Coastline crafted a compelling narrative that emphasized the importance of investing in fire and emergency services for the safety and well-being of the community. The messaging highlighted the district's critical role in responding to emergencies, protecting lives and property, and ensuring a rapid and effective wildfire response.

Coalition Building: Coastline recognized the significance of building a broad coalition of supporters. Based on polling, our stakeholder engagement strategy resulted in strong support from community leaders, business owners, neighborhood associations, and civic organizations. Collaborating with influential voices helped create a unified front and enhanced the levy’s credibility and reach.

Strategic Communications: Polling informed our comprehensive communications plan to ensure levy messaging reached target audiences. Based on our recommendations, the fire district strategically utilized a mix of traditional and digital media platforms to effectively disseminate key messages.


Thanks to the comprehensive strategy implemented by Coastline, the emergency services levy passed in an election that saw other local districts struggle to cross the finish line. 


  1. Passed the Levy: The levy passed with an overwhelming majority of votes, securing the necessary funding for the fire district. This ensured that the district could upgrade equipment, hire additional staff, and enhance emergency response and wildfire capabilities.
  2. Increased Community Engagement: The campaign fostered a sense of community pride and engagement, as organizations and businesses became actively involved in supporting their local fire district. 
  3. Strengthened Partnerships: The campaign forged stronger relationships between the fire district, community leaders, and civic organizations. The collaborative efforts established during the campaign laid the foundation for future partnerships and joint initiatives to further enhance public safety and emergency services.

Conclusion: The successful levy campaign conducted by Coastline for the local fire district not only secured critical funding but also demonstrated the power of strategic partnerships and communication.

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