Organizing a Three-Week Bus Tour to Highlight Oregon's Manufacturing Sector

Public Affairs Case Study -  Oregon

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Coastline was hired by one of Oregon’s premier statewide business associations to organize a three-week bus tour aimed at raising awareness and promoting the manufacturing sector in Oregon. The tour brought together state and local elected officials, economic development leaders, and industry representatives, showcasing the significant contributions of manufacturing to the state's economy.

Oregon's manufacturing sector faces challenges such as limited visibility, workforce development, and the need for policy support. In response, Coastline partnered with one of Oregon's largest business trade organizations to launch a bus tour that would showcase the strength, innovation, and economic impact of manufacturing across the state.


Collaborative Planning: Coastline collaborated closely with our client, their members, and tour vendors, to develop a comprehensive plan. The team identified key manufacturing businesses and locations to be visited, ensuring representation from various industries, geographical areas, and company sizes.

Stakeholder Engagement: To maximize the impact of the tour, Coastline engaged with state and local elected officials, economic development leaders, and manufacturing industry representatives. We worked with our client to emphasize opportunity for tour participants, highlighting the benefits of showcasing their regions and businesses to decision-makers and the public.

Logistics and Operations: Coastline meticulously organized the logistics of the bus tour, including securing transportation, coordinating schedules, and arranging site visits. We created a seamless experience for all participants and ensured that each stop on the tour provided valuable insights into the manufacturing process and highlighted the importance of the sector.

Media and Communications: Recognizing the importance of media coverage, Coastline developed a comprehensive communications strategy to generate significant public attention and engagement. We helped coordinate press releases, media briefings, and interviews with local and state media outlets, making sure that the tour received extensive coverage throughout the journey. Social media platforms were also utilized to share real-time updates, photos, and videos, encouraging public participation and engagement.

Thought Leadership and Policy Advocacy: Throughout the tour, Coastline facilitated meaningful discussions and networking opportunities among participants. We encouraged open dialogue on key issues affecting the manufacturing sector, workforce development, and policy priorities. By fostering thought leadership and advocating for supportive policies, the tour aimed to address challenges and promote the growth and sustainability of manufacturing in Oregon.


The three-week bus tour organized by Coastline achieved significant success, generating widespread attention, and fostering a favorable environment for the manufacturing sector in Oregon.

The tour resulted in:

  1. Increased Visibility and Public Awareness: The bus tour received extensive media coverage, both through traditional outlets and social media platforms. This heightened public awareness about the manufacturing sector, its economic impact, and its potential for job creation. The tour highlighted the diverse range of industries and innovative products originating from Oregon.
  2. Strengthened Relationships and Collaboration: The tour facilitated strong connections between elected officials, economic development leaders, and industry representatives. It provided a platform for fruitful discussions, fostering collaboration on initiatives to support manufacturing growth, workforce development, and policy advocacy. The relationships established during the tour laid the groundwork for future partnerships and initiatives.
  3. Enhanced Policy Support: The bus tour played a crucial role in advocating for supportive policies to address the needs of the manufacturing sector. By bringing together elected officials and industry leaders, the tour enabled productive discussions on policy priorities, leading to potential legislative actions to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing in Oregon.

Conclusion: The successful organization of a three-week bus tour to bring attention to manufacturing in Oregon demonstrated the power of strategic engagement and public outreach. By showcasing the manufacturing sector's economic impact, fostering stakeholder engagement, and influencing policy discussions, the tour generated heightened awareness and support for the industry. 

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